“Henry, Henry, beasts of the hill; three women went up and were killed…”

– from the Legend of Red Blood Hill


Eighty years ago, at the top of Red Mud Hill, three women were slayed and buried beneath a lone willow tree. Townsfolk say the hill is haunted, and that if you listen, you can hear the victims scream. But Fara Clay isn’t afraid. On the night of her high school graduation, she and three friends hike the hill to prove the legend is nothing to fear. Only Fara never returns.


Swept back in time to her depression-era town, Fara comes face to face with Henry Tucker—one half of the infamous father-son duo responsible for the murders. When she discovers a personal tie to the legend, she realizes history may have gotten things wrong. Was it possible Henry and his father were innocent? And if so, can she solve the mystery of the Red Mud killings and save the Tuckers from retaliation before becoming a victim herself?