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It's a strange thing I've never quite been able to grasp. It isn't something you can buy or collect and store for later. It's a feeling, a quality, that can affect every aspect of your life. And, oddly, you can have it in some areas and lack it in others. You can even have it on some days and not on the next. Why is that?

For me, confidence has never been innate. And I don't know if that has been a bad thing or a good thing in my life. As a person without a ton of confidence, I have pushed myself to be better because of it. To not stop because of it. To prove to myself that I could achieve my goals despite it.

A few months back, I finished my second novel, THE HAUNTING OF RED BLOOD HILL, and my agent is preparing to start submitting to editors to hopefully find a publishing home for this story.

This means there is going to be rejection (it's inevitable), and I can already feel the self doubt creeping into my thoughts. Is the story good enough? Does it fit into the genre well enough? Will anyone actually buy it if it does get published?

*Insert deep breath.*

The thing is, the answer could be no to all of the above, and when I sit back and think about it, that is okay. Okay because I am already almost finished with my third novel (PROJECT THREE), and soon after that, I will be on to writing my fourth.

Things in my life have never come quick and easy. The successes I've had have come from hard work and perseverance, and I guess that's my entire point to this rambling blog post. Not having a ton of confidence doesn't have to hold you back. It can actually be a motivator.

So if you're an aspiring writer, continue to put in the work. Continue writing. Continue editing. Continue querying. Eventually, you will get there.


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