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When I write, I like to compile images on a Pinterest board that inspire me or reflect something within the story. When I was writing DRIFT, I saved images of what I imagined characters to look like, clothing pieces, time period items, and mood inspiration. I pulled the character images from my board to let you take a looksie. Do these images match up to what you imagined while reading DRIFT?

(All images are all linked back to my Pinterest page where I have them saved and you can follow to the original posting. I included links and names to those I know.)

Now, let's take a look at those characters!!


After doing some Pinterest searching, I found this girl. Her name in real life is Samantha Ravndahl and you can visit her Instagram HERE. She's ridiculously pretty, but there's something about her eyes...strength? Innocence? Vulnerability? I can't quite put my finger on it, and maybe that's why.

Samantha Ravndahl as Abigail Swift in DRIFT


This guy, wow, he definitely has the intensity I was looking for when searching for a James. He's dark and smoldering and so very handsome. All the heart eyes here. That being said, I have no idea who he is, and if anyone knows, let me know! For now, the image is linked back to my Pinterest page.

James Kingsley character in DRIFT


When I came across this photo of Michael Fassbender, I almost fell over. What a perfect Mack he would be! His red hair makes me swoon! And his eyes. Aww, sweet Colin....oh, how I love you. Anyone else??

Michael Fassbender as Mack in DRIFT

Did you have any particular people in mind when reading DRIFT? Who were they?

Happy reading,


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