Podcasts are my New Favorite Thing

November 2, 2017

 Recently, podcasts have become my new favorite thing.


You see, I've been supremely short on time these days. Between writing, revising, kids, football, baseball, softball, and ballet, I feel like I'm stretched in a thousand directions at the same time. 


It's not a unique story. I know most of you can relate. But what I miss most when my time is limited, is getting lost in the depths of the internet and reading fun articles about writing.


Some of my favorite blogs are those that focus on how writers found their agents and eventually went on to get published. It's a topic I still like to read about because I find other author's stories motivating.


Since the only time I have to myself is in the car, I've taken to listening to these stories via podcast. In particular, the podcast titled 'Writer, Writer Pants on Fire' by author Mindy McGinnis.


Every week Mindy interviews an author, and they talk about his or her road to publication. Often times, they tackle tough issues in the writing community, struggles they have while writing, and moments that inspired their stories. I always hear something helpful or insightful within the interview I can apply to my own writing. 


The podcast hasn't been on that long, less than a year, so it's perfect for binging! 


If you're interested in listening, you can check out the podcast at:


Writer, Writer Pants on Fire


Let me know what you think!


Happy reading,




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