You Can't Fix a Blank Page

I am currently in the depths of 1st draft hell for my 2nd novel. Seriously, hell. It is during this time of writing that I wonder why in the heck I actually do it. I am constantly in a place of self-doubt. My writing is horrible. I have no idea what's going on because in the middle of Chapter 14 I realized that it would be great if character X did something I hadn't thought of before which then changes the entire plot line to this point.

*exhales. head falls dramatically in hands*

It's times like these, that in the past, have made me completely give up. But it was during a quest for inspiration in finishing my first novel, that I stumbled upon these words.

You can't fix a blank page quote.

It's like a light went on inside my head.

Yes...yes, Nora! You are completely right. You can't fix a blank page.

So when I'm writing and I stall because I can't get the transition right, or the mood right, or the description right, I think back to this and remind myself...I can fix it later.

If you were to read a page out of my current manuscript you'll see a lot of this.

"The tree swayed (insert description here--how is she feeling)"

"Blood covered his knuckles (research what bloody knuckles actually look like. What is his mood?)."

"The water warmed (was there indoor heated plumbing in 1932?)"

Basically, it's a lot of really bad writing with notes as to what I want to eventually accomplish, because in the grand scheme of things, the first draft is going to be awful no matter what. Let's not struggle with the details until we need to. Right?

What inspires you when you are stuck? Are there any inspirational quotes that get you through life? Tell me!

Happy reading!


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