The Florentine Diamond

Okay, so on my website I have a lot of Fun Things about Drift and my writing process. Some of these Fun Things include insights into what inspired my writing--like pictures and music. You can see them here:

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And some of those Fun Things include actual historical objects that I wove into the story. That's where the Florentine Diamond comes in. Yes! It's real!

If you've read DRIFT, then you know all about this lost diamond, but if you haven't read the book, just know that it plays a pretty significant role in the story. This is what the Florentine supposedly looks like. All 137 carats.

Florentine Diamond

While writing DRIFT, I kept everything historically accurate up until the diamond is thought to have been smuggled into the US around 1921. In the book, Mack tells us that the Florentine was last seen in a hat pin/ornament setting. That is true, and this is what the last known setting of the Florentine is thought to be:

Florentine Diamond in it's last known setting.

When I decided to alter the setting of the diamond, I decided to do a little research into jewelry of the 1920's. I found this beautiful necklace on Etsy. Unfortunatly, it has already sold. However, I used the design as inspiration for how the diamond was reset.

Gorgeous, right? I believe that yellow stone is a citrine, not a diamond, but it was close enough in shape, that it fit the bill.

The idea to use a lost treasure in the story wasn't always in the plan. I had begun to write the story, and after the first one or two scenes where Abby remembers her past life, I realized I needed a tangible object to connect the two lives she lived. One night, I happened to be watching the movie Fool's Gold with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. I thought, how cool would it be to use an actual lost treasure!!

That evening, I started my research. I needed a treasure lost in the early 20's and something that could reasonably have been brought to the United States. When I stumbled across the Florentine, you'd have thought I had written and plotted DRIFT according to it's legend. I guess some things are just meant to be!

If you are interested in reading some articles about the Florentine, here are a few links. Just know, the history is debated. I chose the histories that best fit my motives.

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Do you want to hear more about bits and pieces of DRIFT? If so, let me know in the comments!

Happy reading! Amy

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