This is really happening!

Ever since I read Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier, I was hooked on reading. Obsessively.

What's funny is that up until I read Rebecca (I think I was in 10th grade), I hated reading. Loathed it. Like would avoid it at all costs. It made my head hurt, I didn't understand the words on the page, I usually fell asleep...are you getting the idea?

The thing is, I was reading all the wrong things. Things my school thought I should like. Things that absolutely bored me to tears. Now, I know. A lot of them were classics. A lot of them I can appreciate now as an adult. But as a young person? Heck, no. Not even close. I liked mystery. I liked dead bodies. I liked suspense. And when a friend's mom let me borrow a book by Judith McNaught when I was sixteen, I found out that I loved romance. Like couldn't get enough of it, loved it.

My senior year in high school I remember consciously thinking I wanted to be a writer. I would go to book stores and imagine my book on the shelf next to my favorite authors. I would imagine my adult life...sitting behind a computer with a view of the outdoors. A cup of coffee steaming next to me. Brilliant words pouring from my fingertips.

I was a bit naive to say the least.

I didn't write my first complete manuscript until 2008, 12 years after I first thought I wanted to be a writer. The manuscript was awful. Truly, truly awful. Six years later (whaaa?), I sat down and wrote my second manuscript. And after extensive revisions, I took a breath and had to admit that I didn't think this one was that bad.

2 weeks after submitting my first round of query letters, I had an agent, and 8 months after that I had a publisher. It feels like it has all happened so fast, but technically it took nearly 20 years to get from thinking I wanted to be an author to knowing it was going to happen. Crazy!

I'm looking forward to what this journey will bring, and as soon as I can, I will post anything and everything about my book! Looking forward to sharing it with everyone this summer!


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