Fredericksburg, Texas

While I was researching for THE HAUNTING OF RED BLOOD HILL, I traveled to Fredericksburg, Texas. I picked Fredericksburg as the model for my fictional town, Whisper Creek, because of its history and beauty. I had tons of questions about life during the Great Depression, and got in touch with The Pioneer Museum where I was able to speak with a historian named Evelyn.

She patiently answered my questions about electricity, heating, economy, and basic household activities. I took what she gave me and stretched a few things in order to make them fit in the story, but I tried to stay as true to the time period as I could. All inaccuracies are my own.

While I was there, I took a quick drive up to Enchanted Rock for a hike. If you haven't already guessed, there is quite a bit of hiking in RED BLOOD. Take a look at these pictures I took along the way and see if they match up to what you imagine life was like for Henry and Fara. Enjoy!

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