August 1, 2018


It's a strange thing I've never quite been able to grasp. It isn't something you can buy or collect and store for later. It's a feeling, a quality, that can affect every aspect of your life. And, oddly, you can have it in some areas and lack it in others. Yo...

July 16, 2018

I finally got around to finishing these annotated notes, and I'm so excited to share them with you. One of my favorite things to read about in author interviews or blog posts are inner thoughts about the pieces of their stories. What were they thinking about when they...

April 6, 2018

 I started a new manuscript.

Let's do that again.

I started a new manuscript!!!! Phew. Now that that's out, let me take a breath. 

This will be my 3rd novel (4th if you count the never published 1st novel I wrote that was all kinds of horrid), and I am still trying to fee...

March 27, 2018

Today is a great day. The sun is out, the air is warming up (80 degrees, y'all!), and I have officially turned in my latest manuscript to my agent. I feel like I've crawled out of a cave and am seeing the sun for the first time in MONTHS! 

I finished this manuscrip...

December 13, 2017

When I first started writing, I spent a lot of time reading blog posts on craft. One of the tips that came up over and over again regarded passive voice. I understood it in theory, but I had a difficult time picking it out in my own writing. Now that I've gone through...

October 24, 2017

The other day, I was scrolling through Twitter and came across the hashtag 'Why I Write'. Of course, I spiraled down the black hole of social media and read amazing accounts from authors explaining why they pluck away at their keyboards day after day. And, if I'm being...

September 20, 2017

I am currently in the depths of 1st draft hell for my 2nd novel. Seriously, hell. It is during this time of writing that I wonder why in the heck I actually do it. I am constantly in a place of self-doubt. My writing is horrible. I have no idea what's going on because...

September 16, 2017

Do you have a book that is like an old friend? One that no matter what, you can pick up and it will fill you with all those wonderful feelings and make the world right again? Well, I'm not having such a dramatic day, but I was going through my bookshelf, and my hand au...

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